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Gel Ball Blaster M416

Gel Ball Blaster M416

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Gel Ball Blaster, the latest new outdoor activity targeting practice game toy, comes with 10,000 water bead gel balls. Makes perfect for having fun outside without the worry of leaving a mess!

Innovative Gel Balls: The Gel Ball Blaster is a fun toy gun for outdoor target practice games. When the gel balls are released, they will break as soon as they come into contact with barriers, resulting in a mound of little fragments. It's a secure launcher that won't hurt people or objects.

gel balls in bowl

Speed & Range: The Gel Ball Blaster speed is very fast. You may fire up to 300 gel balls per minute, and the range is roughly 45-65 feet. The quick pace and long blasting range can provide a realistic and enjoyable experience. Ideal for all types of celebrations, holidays, and as well as fantastic birthday gifts for youngsters.

Perfect for Group Activities: The Gel Ball Blaster is a fun toy for both kids and adults. Backyards, hills, and flat terrain are all great places to use these blasters. It entails physical activity, goal-setting abilities, observation, and endurance. This is a fantastic method to keep people entertained, especially in large groups! Families can enjoy themselves by participating in outdoor target practice games. It requires a lot of physical mobility, which is good for the health and endurance of youngsters.

Rechargeable: This Gel Ball Blaster is powered by a 1200mAh battery. The battery can be recharged using the cable that we provide. A complete gel blaster, reusable battery, rechargeable USB cable, 30*500 6mm gel ball water beads, and safety glasses are included in the bundle. After the game, simply connect the battery to a USB port to charge it.

gel ball blaster and semi/auto mode

Customer Care: We serve every sincere customer with the highest level of service and product quality. When utilizing it, please wear safety gear and use 6mm water beads. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will make every effort to satisfy each of our customers.

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