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Body EMS Micro-Electric Slimming Beauty Equipment

Body EMS Micro-Electric Slimming Beauty Equipment

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LED infrared light helping improve blood circulation

EMS technology to massage  

LCD touchscreen making it easy to use 

Small size, convenient to carry 


Product name: Body fat sculpting beauty instrument
Ultrasonic fat explosion working frequency: 40KHz
Machine power: 50W
052: Charging voltage 12v, charging current 1A
Host material: ABS
052: Built-in lithium battery 1 800mah 7.4V
Power output voltage: 12V
052A: Input voltage 12V, input current 2A
Packing size: 15.6*16.6*11.5cm
052 bare metal weight: 436g
052 Package Weight: 865g
052A bare metal weight: 377g
052A package weight: 805g

Package Content:   

1* Machine 

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