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Alarm Positioning Weapon Girl Portable and Compact

Alarm Positioning Weapon Girl Portable and Compact

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1. Take out the plug, you can trigger an alarm, up to 40 minutes, 120DB. Push back the latch to turn off the alarm sound.
2. Double-click the function key button for the silent alarm. In the case of a silent alarm, the buzzer will not ring (will not attract the attention of bad guys, ask for help without causing the attention of bad guys), SMS notification, recording for 30 seconds and the function of phone notification is triggered normally. You need to download the app before connecting the alarm to use this function.
(1) The software will automatically send help information (including location information and 30 seconds recording) to 3 emergency contacts and call 3 emergency contacts for phone notification.
(2) Real-time location uploaded
Emergency contact received help message / call him/he can display your real-time location and help voice
Note: software requires permission from the microphone. If the access permission is blocked, the registration will not be successful. At the same time, the recording function is not activated when the phone is locked, and it will be added later.
(3) accurate GPS positioning, real-time understanding of the scene and emergency contacts to understand the real-time situation to provide assistance.
3. If you do not use the alarm function for a long time, it is recommended to click the software “stop” button to turn off the Bluetooth function to increase the standby time and reduce the number of times. charge (only Bluetooth function can be turned off in software).)
4. Anti-lost two-way search function
Cell phones and alarms are connected. If the two are separated by a certain distance, an alarm sound will occur and be carried with you to prevent the loss of the cellphone.

Due to manual measurement, there is a 1-2mm error that is normal.

Name: fear of self-defense intelligent alarm
Weight: 40g
DB: 120 dB
Charging time: 30 minutes
Color: pink, blue
Material: ABS + PC
Battery: Lithium polymer battery (rechargeable)
Call time: 40 minutes
Supported devices: Android 4.3 or iOS9.0 or above
Standby time: 3 days in Bluetooth mode / 30 days in non-Bluetooth mode
Suitable for crowd: girls, elderly, children

Package Content:
1 x alarm

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