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George Dinosaur Mosquito Lamp Household Mosquito Repeller

George Dinosaur Mosquito Lamp Household Mosquito Repeller

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1. Photocatalytic ultraviolet light is fatal to insects and mosquitoes.
2. Mosquitoes are attracted by the light source, trapped in the mosquito net under the action of the strong cyclone, and stuck to the plastic sheet.
3. For the first use, please do not open the storage after 48 hours of use.
4. A strong cyclone will dehydrate and die of mosquitoes.

Product information:
Product category: photocatalyst mosquito killer
Model: Dinosaur Mosquito Killer Lamp
Color: Jalan Powder, Sister Green, Mosquito Repellent
Capacity: 1
One-step cleaning of the mosquito storage box:
Detachable, anti-escape device, easy to install and clean, remove the mosquito box according to the character instructions
Rotate counterclockwise, remove the mosquito storage box and install it

Package Contents:
Mosquito killer*1
Mosquito trap x1

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